Thursday, October 27, 2011

New book ! review

Just got this book in the mail ...Paid to much for it .....shipping was super fast within 3 days !....this is published on blurb ....The book starts off pretty slow , pictures of ol ladies , no bikes  etc ....gets better through the middle  to the end it is great with good shots of bikes .etc ....a lot of the shots are the same day same people  different angle .    for a photo book that is pretty lame , i like to see  different days , bikes , people per page or every so often  not page after page .   Photo quality is obviously done on a computer as the pages are digital prints and not super good at that .   Paper quality is  cheap and thin for a photo book , they should be thick and glossy photo type paper or close to it . not cheap  kinkos semi gloss paper ..   Book is pretty thin , as well . for a book that was 100 .00 bucks id like to think id get twice the book i got ........Will this be anothe r"barbarians on wheels "?.  i doubt it !......does it have cool photo's Yes liek to see more and better quality ......really print the photos , not shitty scans ...on shitty paper ..........sorry for the shitty i phone pics and low light , large noise pics ........oh and spelling and grammar ..i work on bikes not Books .......Dig