Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What you guys wanna see more on this blog?..

Will also need your pin number , credit card , I.D. Passport number .and checking account information ! we don't sell information ! honest !

stoked ! not sure what the fc-5 means ?.

what i'am watching now !

Thanks Darren ! new skins on the Old Glory '!

Re listed " for all you dudes who actually build or fix shit !

Ive Made some Gay shit before .....but ..this. Really ?

Fresh Brass! Thank's to Mr Monk and his fancy torch

Didn't know "Mr Bojangles " made bars back in the day .?.

Saw these on ebay last night ! Rad !

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wear you'r Fucking Poppy "!.....

Back in the eighties Id see everyone wearing one , small kids , old vets , weirdo's , rockers, punks....etc .....Now i see very little on peoples jackets .   Wear em ...i do Nov11 is coming up put one on now and show the world you Got class "!......show people you care ...Not for war but for sacrifices made  WW2 ...Korea, Nam , Afghanistan , Iraqi ........I have 90 year old ww2 vets who live up the street and they fill me in all the time as to what they had to do ......We have it so easy it is Laughable .....so do them a favour and show em," ya Man " i dig what ya had to do ! ......I remember !.........dig?


It is not about flag waving or patriotism "! It is about The fear and sacrafices these people go through everyday !........

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Like this ! in same shape

1978 tt 500 for sale

selling a tt500 for sale ....all complete   matching engine ....motor is apart due to a small piece of metal that was stuck in oil pump ....tore the whole motor apart to see why ....there was nothing wrong with it  .......piece of metal must have been from something in the frame ......tranny gears  etc all awesome ...comes with a spare flywheel and rod .......$.600.00